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Oliver’s Harvest CBD for Pets
There’s an overwhelming number of CBD manufacturers and vendors out there, so it can be challenging to navigate and determine which is the best for your pets. But first, let’s explore what CBD for pets is all about, and why you should consider Oliver’s Harvest. 

What Is CBD for Pets?
While CBD has become popular in the realm of human health, it’s also a hot topic when it comes to pet health. CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound that’s found in hemp and cannabis. It’s important to remember that CBD products meant for pets, and most CBD products in general, do not contain the THC compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. This not only makes CBD legal to buy and use, but also safe to give to pets.

CBD Hemp Oil for Pets
The most common CBD product that most pet owners prefer is CBD oil for pets because it’s easy to dose, administer, and mix with other things like treats. Most CBD oils for dogs come in a bottle with a dropper included. Pet owners can easily measure how much oil they want to give their pets and quickly dispense it into their mouths, food or treats. 

CBD hemp oil is made by extracting CBD liquid from the hemp plant in a process that utilizes organic ethanol extraction. Once the pure CBD is extracted, it is then mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil so that it can be used for treatment. 

CBD Dog Treats
Pet owners can use CBD dog treats that are infused with the hemp-derived compound to make treatment easier for pets that may have an aversion to the taste of CBD oil. CBD dog treats come in a variety of strengths, but the effect on the dog from the treats are usually not as great as it would be from CBD oil.

Making CBD dog treats is actually rather simple. Just add a select amount of CBD hemp oil to the dog treat recipe. But, if you’d like to purchase your CBD dog treats rather than make them, be sure to do your research and keep in mind that some manufacturers and online vendors can be misleading about how much active CBD is in their products. 

CBD for Dogs: How Does It Work?
While there is still being research done to understand the definitive effects of CBD on both humans and animals, it has been established by scientists that the cannabinoids in CBD have a role in the body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps to maintain homeostasis in the body.  Both humans and pets have this system in their bodies. 

The Benefits of CBD for Pets
Many pet owners claim that CBD has been able to support a healthy nervous system and immune system. Specifically, CBD for pets is mostly used for joints, muscles, and anxiousness, as well as for symptoms related to appetite disorders and seizures. Like we’ve said before, more research still needs to be done; however, there are already some promising discoveries about CBD for dogs that have been made to support these claims. Here are the most common benefits of hemp for dogs. 

Reduce Separation Stress
One of the most common mental issues that dogs deal with is separation stress, which is characterized by excessive barking, destructive behavior, or extreme restlessness when their owner isn’t home. CBD has already been established as something that helps many humans with stress relief, but studies have also found that CBD oil given to dogs twice daily may also have similar benefits.

Relieve Discomfort
CBD is commonly accepted to support a healthy inflammatory response, primarily due to how it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system and its receptors. A large amount of physical discomfort experienced by both humans and dogs is related to inflammation, whether it’s muscles or joints that are affected. For this reason, hemp oil for dogs has been commonly used to treat older pets who often suffer from occasional discomfort and soreness.

Nervous System Support
One of the major factors contributing to the popularization of CBD is how it is used for symptoms of seizures, which can be difficult to control with traditional medicines that also may cause damage to the liver. Pets can also experience seizures, which has led to many pet owners making the same decision as these parents for similar reasons. 

CBD for Pets: How Much to Give Them?
When giving CBD oil to your pet, it’s vital that you pay attention to dosage and give them the correct amount. If you procure your CBD products from a reputable manufacturer, then you’ll be able to trust the dosage that’s outlined on the product itself. The dosage will also depend on the size of your dog, with larger dogs needing more CBD and smaller dogs needing less to see the same effects. Our CBD oil outlines serving size by weight with recommended serving sizes found in our packaging. Additionally, our products come with a graduated dropper, making it easy to measure the oil before administering it. 

Is it Safe to Give My Pet CBD?
It’s important to be aware that more research still needs to be done in order to determine that CBD is 100% safe and effective for pets to use. To be sure that the dose you’re giving your dog isn’t a toxic amount, start with smaller doses, and work your way up. 

Why Oliver’s Harvest is the Best CBD Oil for Pets
If you’re looking for a CBD manufacturer and vendor that’s reputable and sells quality products, then look no further than Oliver’s Harvest. We control every aspect of the production process, including organic farming, extraction, and manufacturing from its North Carolina facility. We provide third-party testing lab results to certify that their products are quality and contain precisely how much CBD that they say it does, so you don’t have to worry about getting a false or potentially dangerous product. Oliver’s Harvest pet CBD product category is expansive as well, including pet tinctures, joint care, peanut butter treats, and canine CBD oil.